Our Team

With expertly trained Hearing Healthcare Professionals, enticing and welcoming in calming environments and with corporate & social responsibility initiatives that support the community, ‘Our Team’ will simply and effectively educate and empower customers to renewed hearing.

  • Robert

    Helping You Hear

    Good Hearing Fuels...


    Robert has found he is best suited to Fuel Happiness through Good Hearing and at The Hearing Station that is exactly what our staff of ‘Hearing Specialists’ are focussed on. He listens to you so he can help you and your hearing to be more effective.

  • Ceilidh

    Woof! WOOF. Woof?

    Woof woof grrr


    After starting her ”career” training to be an Assitance Dog, Ceilidh’s path veered slightly right. Ceilidh now comes to The Hearing Station to help people in another way. Whether you’re worried about your hearing or need a friendly paw, Ceilidh is there keeping you company.

  • Catherine

    Makes it happen

    Powering your Happiness!

    CatherineClinic Administrator

    An engine needs more than just fuel to run, it needs all it’s parts to function efficiently and effectively. And in that engine we have a very special cog, without it all cannot function. Catherine is that very special cog for The Hearing Station.

Our Patients

By truly listening to individuals and their unique hearing needs and limitations, incorporating only
the most appropriate solutions and delivering them in simple thoughtful ways and by connecting
with our communities (business, social, environmental, cultural), THE HEARING STATION
creates a caring brand experience.

  • Professional Athlete

    Professional Athlete

    Ears good, sound clear... I kick football...football go zoom.

  • Video Game Designer

    Video Game Designer

    Rob is an exceptional professional in every respect. Very informarive and articulate. Also love the fact that they offer the services to drive out to meet the customers due to their busy schedules.

  • Retired Teacher

    Retired Teacher

    Big shout out to The Hearing Station, and specifically to lead Practitioner, Rob McCallum. Better hearing is directly related to better quality of life, and it's only thanks to Rob, who is very knowledgeable, personable and patient, that I've successfully transitioned to use of my new hearing aids. Thank you.

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